Cameron flowmeters and parts

Cameron is one of the largest flowmeter providers worldwide. The product line includes a large range of flowmeters which are used in offshore drilling, oil rigs and production systems for all types of conventional applications. Cameron flowmeters division manufactures one of the most accurate measurement systems to date. The company consists of Barton Instruments and Halliburton flowmeter systems.

Gas turbine meter

Cameron Nuflo liquid and gas flowmeters

Cameron trademarked Nuflo GT Gas flowmeters and Nuflo LT Liquid flowmeters are used widely as a replacement of traditional meters which assists with the correct and specific measurement in oil and gas industry. Both brands are designed and developed with an aim to measure liquid and gas flow without any errors. Moreover, easily replaceable cartridges in both systems provide low-cost maintenance. Our company provides both Nuflo GT and Nuflo LT flowmeters word wide with fast shipping option. Feel free to contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Low Maintenance

Cameron gas turbine flowmeters

Cameron Nuflo GT Gas flowmeters utilises a specifically designed low inertia rotor to measure gas velocity. Using the data, Nuflo flowmeters are able to track the flow rate without any errors. The measurements obtained by the flowmeter are used to compensate pressure and temperature in order to gain better measurements.


Cameron flowmeter features

  • Double bladed rotor
  • Low cost replacement cartridges
  • Strong and durable carbide design
  • Low inertia rotor for faster measurement
Easy mounting

Cameron liquid Turbine flowmeters

Cameron Nuflo LT flowmeters is the most used liquid turbine meter worldwide. As the liquid moves through the meter Nuflo LT is able to pick up the flow rate using a magnetic sensors which enables the meter to generate an electric signal. Consequently, the pulses are read by the readout equipment. Nuflo LT applies flanged end connections in order to provide an inexpensive method as an alternative to classic meter applications.