BARTON Series 7400 Gas Turbine Meter

The precise turbine flow meters of the BARTON ® model 7400 are designed to supply gas to a wide range of applications including production, business, pipeline and the aviation sector. Because digital fire line input is a fantastic game for electronic production systems, the Model 7400 meters doesn’t require an analog digital transfer.

BARTON Series 7400 Specifications

The rotor response is in milliseconds, with precise measurement in applications with fast changing flow models. The gas is drived to the multiblade turbine rotor as it passes through the segment of the diffuser. The rotor speed is proportionate to the volumetric rate of flow. When the rotor spinning and turning produces a sinic wave signal with an immediately equivalent frequency, the pumping belt (on the meter) reads the movement of each blade tip. BARTON ® Model 7400 Precision Turbine flow meters are commonly used for the production of natural gas, petrochemical, storage, aerospace, and petroleum / refining applications for measuring oxygen to ethylene pollution emissions. A significant advantage in comparison with other main flow devices. Rotor reactions provide precision in milliseconds, even in rapidly moving settings.

For redundancy or fluid orientation monitoring additional coils may be introduced. The pickup spool can be used to operate a number of devices, such as totalisers, preamplifiers or fluid / RTUs. Preamplifiers are used to send the spindle message across extended ranges to remote devices. All engine tools can be mounted on the engine directly or remotely and can be accessed with secure, thermally explosive or weather resistant approvals. At the plant is determined by using water as a calibration medium the mean K-factor for each turbine. This multi-point calibration, which is done at six distinct flow speeds, checks linearity and repeatability over a limited meter range. In contrast to petrol, the median water-derived K factor is less than 1% distinct. The validation of a meter in the sector is also an efficient method for water calibration. Consult the Calibration Plant for Ground Water.