CAMERON NUFLO Gas Turbine Meters

With a lightweight, small inertia turbine, the NUFLOTM gas turbine flow meter ensures precise monitoring of the gas flow through the use of the GSV. Its rate of production is higher than a large variety of flows with a direct air speed connection.

CAMERON NUFLO Gas Turbine Meter Specifications

The meter monitors the flow rate continuously, provides low flux resistance and has a distinctive cartridge layout to be removed as a single installation for all internal components. T The meter is conscious of a low gas density above the stress of two environments. The small inertia of the propellers and the vees allows the meter, because of continuous fluid variations, to override its predicted performances twice without harm. Carbide rotor shaft and rotating bearings are designed to be durable and are not lubricated. It is easy to substitute and inspect components by installing the cylinders. The meter is suitable for installation of two flanges and ideally suited for measuring gas fuel, gas production, exhaust gas and flare gas. The electronic signal output can be provided to the partner reader instruments for an immediate evaluation of the flow rate and the acquired throughput. These readings can be automatically adjusted for stress and temperature to achieve standard volumetrical readings.

A hyperlight rotor of just two valves, leaving the cross sector flow zone unchecked, comes with the NufloTM Cameron Gas Turbine flow meter. Furthermore, the service is extremely simple thanks to the design of the cartridge, as the turbine is inserted between both process pipe bridges. The body consists of SS 316, while the rotor consists of SS 455, a high-reliability material. In addition, the gas turbine flow meter can deliver the digital pulse output to accompanying reader, who can evaluate and acquire the instant flow rate. These measurements can be compensated for stress and/or temperature automatically to achieve normal dimensional volumetric measurements.